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Do these sound like you?

  • You spend most of your time working, thinking about working, even dreaming about working

  • You feel you should have already got that sought-after promotion

  • You went above and beyond to receive the well-overdue recognition

  • You took on extra responsibilities

  • You applied for different job roles within your company, without success

  • You read numerous self-help books without any significant change

  • You asked your senior leaders for career advice multiple times.

Is it where you are at now?

  • And yet you haven’t got the opportunity to attend a new course which could have equipped you for that role someone else secured

  • You are also not the one to have the chance to join the project, in which you could prove your skills

  • Even though you achieve good results, you still struggle to see a visible career progress

  • Although your hard work is appreciated, you are not yet considered for a leadership role.

Can you identify with any of the above statements?

If so, check out what this program can do for you in just 4 weeks.

This unique mentoring program will give you science-based, tried and tested solutions you can adopt to finally kickstart your career, and by building on that, truly establish yourself as a capable professional of choice in your field.

This program is designed for you if

The Kickstarter Program™ is not for you if

This program is designed for you if

The Kickstarter Program™ is not for you if

I can see you are committed to take your professional life to the next level, so let me make this even clearer

Are you ready to achieve the success you have been working for so hard, and want to learn

methods with a help of a no-nonsense type of mentor?

Then it is the best time to take action.

This is a very important part, please pay attention!

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AvaLondon, UK
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When you speak with Ariana, you get the knowledge that is between the lines; that you haven’t heard or listened to before. Like lightning strikes, things make sense and connect.
StephanieBasel, Switzerland
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I have come back from a long break I had to take because of stress-related issues, and suddenly I found myself exactly in the same situation. So, I searched for help. The clarity Ariana provided made things simple, and it all became more manageable. She gives no-nonsense advice, and when you work with her, it just hits you that genuine care is more than just someone telling you it will be all right.
BethSan Diego, California
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Before working with Ariana, I worked with three or four coaches. I didn’t even know the difference between coaching and mentoring. It all became clear right from the start. Previously, I got tips and ideas or readings from books which resonated with me but didn’t take me forward much. Ariana gives you a roadmap, and she gives you a way out. You take the road, but there is much less guesswork, and life just becomes better.
NadineEdinburgh, Scotland
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Working as a middle manager means I am right between the top management and the teams. It is stressful and comes with a lot of office politics, at which I have never been good. Neither was I sure I wanted to be good at it. But how can you step forward without it? I didn’t know the answer until I worked with Ariana.
KatherineBoston, Massachusetts
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I have been working my …. off for years without being able to make a visible breakthrough, and I was just about to give up when I met Ariana. It was at a networking meeting, and I didn’t make much of it for days. One day, I woke up and remembered Ariana’s words. “Focusing on the right things is harder than you think and many people don’t even know how to do it”. So, I called her, and the work began. Where am I now? Doing the work I love, happier and with more time on my hands.
DebraSan Antonio, Texas
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You think you have to visit a coach for months to get results? Nope, you don’t have to do that. Just work with Ariana and solve your problem in weeks. You will make better decisions faster. It takes work, but you will not feel that you are wasting your time anymore.
DanielaBirmingham, UK
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As a massage therapist, I needed help because working with clients and managing the business together proved to be challenging. I didn’t feel I was good enough in marketing or felt guilty to take the time away from my clients. Ariana showed me a different way of thinking about it. In this new world of mine, all the activities are connected and organically work together. I am more productive and experience less stress than before.
AmberChicago, Illinois
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How much time do you need to figure out the way to do the work that resonates with your life purpose? To me, it took four years, and I still didn’t know. I have read books after books, watched videos, searched for articles. In just two weeks with Ariana, I had more clarity than ever before. She told me it was because she could help me connect the dots, after I spent such a long time reading. But without connecting these dots, I would still be chasing one idea after another without tangible results. I wish I found her earlier.
MartinaMunich, Germany
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At an event, we were having conversations in smaller groups, all in the same room, and I saw head after head turning toward the table where Ariana spoke. She explained how our core desires influence our actions in a transforming business environment. She gave easily understandable examples we could connect with, so people started nodding in agreement. After the event, I called her to ask for help improving my effectiveness as a leader, and in just a few weeks, people around me noticed the positive impact.
KristyBaltimore, Maryland
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Years ago, I had an accident and took an extended leave from work. Going back, I thought, I was going to find the same or at least similar things. Boy was I wrong. It felt like the company I worked for turned 180 degrees. It didn’t, but this is how it felt; new people, new organisational structure, new systems and applications to use. I didn’t even know what to learn first. Ariana helped me find my focus and build a feasible plan to integrate back quickly.

And finally, the way how we achieve all the above is by

Why do we say the Kickstarter Program™ is highly effective?

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It is $47.97 if you act now and I give you the Rain or Shine Guarantee.

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