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Achieve Your Goals

3 things to do to make sure you achieve your goals.

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Tips How to Track Your Goals

1 Minute Life Change

1 Minute Life Change with Ariana - Exercise

Richard Branson’s secret to success is working out always. Scientific studies support him and show activities release hormones that enhance the mood and make one happy, even when there are massive challenges. Exercises develop self-confidence, making one energized and ready to combat any problem.

1 Minute Life Change with Ariana - Get it done

You are standing there, facing a big problem and you know it is inevitable. Instead of thinking twice, take action and work on the solution. Think out of the box and, trust me, better results will follow.

1 Minute Life Change with Ariana - Label your emotion

Turns out, the mere act of labelling one’s emotions makes one energetic, focussed, and self-aware of what’s happening, instead of feeling emotionally drained. According to Dr. Matthew Lieberman, such a simple activity reduces activity in the emotional part of the brain. Next time you feel overwhelmed by a problem, label your emotions and choose a new one.


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