How Do You Know Your Goal is Achievable?

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Even though we cannot predict with 100% certainty that a goal is achievable when we set it, we can make sure that greatness is within reach.  

It may all start with dreaming but dreams are not enough specific to act on them. Besides, you need to know what to focus on and build a series of milestones aiding you in achieving your dream. So you don’t get lost on the path to success. 


Dream in 4K 

You dream of being brilliant, rich, to travel around the world or to enjoy living on an island without having to worry about money.  However, you can rarely make it happen without knowing it with extreme clarity. 

If you want to be rich, you need to know how rich you want to be.  
I know who wouldn’t want to be filthy rich? 😀

But how much money makes you filthy rich?  Is it ten million or one hundred million or a billion 

If it is ten million, how long does it take you to save that much or earn that much with your current job or business? If you see no chance to earn that ten million with your current work, what will you do instead?  Questions questions crying for answers. 


You want to be way smarter so you can progress with your career faster or make your business a success in no time.  
What steps you need to take to be considered for a new job that pays more?  How far is your business from being a success and how success looks like for your business?  Even more questions.  

To dream in 4K means that you describe what you want your life look to like in high detail. As if it was a 4K TV screen showing all the exciting colours, shades and shapes. 


Set a goal that is specific enough 

When you finished the dreaming and have your vision, you need to translate your vision and turn it into action. An action is something you dotherefore you need to be very specific about it.  


Let’s see an example: 

Your dream is to live a healthy life so you feel good and look good. Sounds great. Still you don’t know what it really means until you define those actions that take you there.  

Take me. I am a workaholic and unless I drag myself outside; sit in front of my computer day after day. Do I want to live a healthy life? For sure.Try to convince myself that buying a standing desk for my laptop and stand next to my desk is a step forward. Is it? Sure it is. Is it enough? Sure it isn’t. 

So my goal is to spend at least 15 minutes outside every day. Don’t laugh. We all started somewhere. Next goal is to work out at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. 

Sounds great, although I only took care of my body.  

So, is there a better way to go around this? Sure, there is. 


Put things into context and focus 

Before you break down your dream into goals or even milestones, you need to understand the whole context, so you can define your focus areas. Focusing on everything at the same time will scatter your attention and quickly exhaust your resources. And some actions you take might impact multiple goals. So why not benefit from it? 


Let’s get back to my example about a healthier life as a workaholic. The key question is: ’What makes me healthy and what is not working now? 

What I know…  

  • spend too much time in my office; 
  • I am not really active;  
  • There are multiple stress factors in my life, and 
  • my head is always spinning because of my businessso rarely switch off. 

With this short analysis, I touched on the body, the mind and the soul. I put my dream of a healthier life into context and put myself on track to define the focus areas leading to the milestones. 


So, I envisage how success will look like for me. 

am going to be successful when I spend at least 25% more time with exercise and at least 10% more time outside.  I know I am on the right path, when I spend at least 15 minutes with mindfulness every day and spend at least 10% more time with my friends. 

As I am clear on the focus areas, I can start working out the milestones because I definitely won’t be able to work out 30 minutes three times a day in the beginning and I won’t drag myself outside every single day, even if it is just for fifteen minutesr. I need to build it up, so it becomes realistic and therefore manageable. Now I can set specific goals and will see how many goals I need at the end. 


The Theory of Relativity applied for goals 

It is a stretch; I know. Stay with me though. Have you heard about the new trend? Waking up early makes you more productive and staying up late makes you smarter? 

We often believe something will work for us because it worked for someone else already. And sometimes, it will. We might believe we are not doing the right thing because others appear to have a good habit we don’t have. Follow with caution. 

A few years ago, I attended a full day event with a speaker straightforward shaming one of the event participants because she said she usually woke up at 7:00 am on weekdays. According to the speaker for an aspiring business owner it was far too late to wake up at 7 am. 

I would advise caution. Big time.   
We all live our life differently and follow a different schedule. People have various priorities, obligations and tolerance for various things.  

You know best what is working for you. It is great to learn and adopt new techniques and you will become more successful if you can embed what you learnt into your life. 

You can learn how to track your goals so you will stay on the path because greatness is within reach.

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