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Why don’t people reach their goals?

One of the strongest desire we, human beings have is achieving our goals and dreams.  Well, sometimes we make all the efforts to achieve our parents’ or partners’ dreams, but if we want to be conscious about our life, we work on achieving our own dreams. And what is a better way of achieving a

supportive relationship will help you reach a successful life
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Supportive relationship to a more successful life

While we all desire friends and benefit from their advice, we may not fully understand how important supportive relationship are in our lives. People with a supportive network are likely to worry less and to be less prone to failing in their endeavours. However, it can help you towards a successful life. A supportive friend or partner

how to keep a supportive friendship alive
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How to keep a supportive friendship long-lasting?

Are you tired of your old pal ignoring you when you need her most? Do you feel that your friendship is failing because your buddy is not helpful to you? Do you want to know how you can keep a supportive friendship alive? Let’s be honest; it is quite saddening to have a friendship that’s on the rocks.

how to spot a toxic friendship
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5 Signs your friend is not helping your progress

2-min read We all have heard of toxic relationships; perhaps you’re more familiar with that couple who fight all the time. But, did you know a toxic friendship existed too? That’s right; we can all become victims of failing friendships. The thing is that most of us are afraid to admit that a friendship has

3 things that might hold you back
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3 Things That Might Hold You Back

3-min read Looking at successful people around you may make you wonder whether you are on the right track. However if you spend too much time pondering over your past failures it may paralyse you. Find out three ways how you can increase your self-confidence. Find ways how to avoid things that hold you back

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Beautiful winter inspiration

Here is a wonderful and inspiring video to remind us how beautiful winter is and how great things we can experience.

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Building Self-Confidence – The Benefits of Believing in Yourself

3-min read The greedy nature of self-doubt it sweeps clean all confidence, logic, and reason from your mind. It leaves you with unhappiness and depression. Your mind becomes occupied with fear and insecurity. But that should not be the case. Have you ever set out to achieve something, big or small, and you hear a

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How do people drag you down?

3-min read People in your environment can drag you down in many ways. You may remember your mom telling you that your friend was trouble and you should have known better than hanging out with him or her. Truth to be told, being with friends who always look for and find trouble is not the