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Self-reflection is primarily a way of self-assessment. It has numerous self-development benefits. As one method of practicing self-reflection, journaling helps your mind focus by reflecting on specific questions. Those questions can be related to the area you intend to work on. One such benefit of self-reflection,  journaling included, is to help you strategize. In other

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5 Tips to Help You Be More Successful

Hunger for success is natural and is in everyone. There isn’t a more uplifting feeling than when you accomplish your goals through hard work and discover your true self. Everyone wants to be more successful, but what is a success? Although success can be well–defined, based on the experience with our clients, it means something

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How do high achievers really think?

Who are the high performers? How do top performers think?  Often, they are individuals with a growth mindset and a strong sense of responsibility to achieve what they put their mind to. Loyal to their life purpose and life strategy, they take the initiative and work for success with persistence. The efforts high performers are willing to make

investing in yourself is the way forward
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Spending Time and Money on YOURSELF is a Way Forward

When you get your paycheck at the end of the month, what’s the first couple of things you do? You probably get started on the bills and rent and send some over to your parents while the rest goes into savings.   While this is definitely the right way to go about it, strictly in terms

You Have Your Goals by Now
challenges do make you stronger

You Have Your Goals by Now. Still Struggling to Achieve Them?

It is May already, and most of us have our goals set. Some spend a great amount of time throughout January and February thinking about what they want to achieve during the year. Just to realise around May, their resources are exhausted, and they are still far from succeeding. Win half the battle now, so you can concentrate on winning it all. 

Achieve Your Goals
challenges do make you stronger

3 Things to do to Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals This Year

Have you been following the goals you set out for yourself this year? Have you taken a glance lately at where you are in the process?  It is still not too late to have a think through and make changes, if necessary, so at the end of the year you may see more positive outcomes and you will achieve your goals.     Break down your goals into small

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What to Do When You Are Distracted from Your Goal

Distractions … sweet distractions. You cost us so much. Even if we don’t realise it instantly. An average person looks at the phone 52 times a day according to a study.  On the other hand, progress with work and with a career is not only a natural desire or a basic need, it is also important

Tips How to Track Your Goals
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Tips How to Track Your Goals

Why isn’t the title say: Tips How to Track Your Progress? Because making progress doesn’t necessarily mean you are going in the right direction. We all make progress in our lives and knowing what progress we make definitely helps. Although without knowing how such progress adds to the success, the progress is no more than a step forward.