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Positive thinking, overcoming insecurities, growth mindset

Personal growth enables us to become a better version of ourselves. It takes a lifetime to perfect it. However, personal development doesn’t need to be complicated!   Let’s imagine that we are playing a tic-tac-toe game and give you two tools to build on and one factor that may block you and how you can overcome it.  This article

positive thinking
every day uplifting

The Psychology Of Positive Thinking

If you have ever applied for a job, you couldn’t avoid spotting positive thinking or a positive mindset in the list of requirements. We all accept that having a positive outlook on life helps when it comes to facing everyday challenges, even though we might not know precisely how positive thinking works. So, what is

every day uplifting

5 Tips to Help You Be More Successful

Hunger for success is natural and is in everyone. There isn’t a more uplifting feeling than when you accomplish your goals through hard work and discover your true self. Everyone wants to be more successful, but what is a success? Although success can be well–defined, based on the experience with our clients, it means something

fundamentals of self-confidence
challenges do make you stronger

Self-Confidence is Fundamental to Everything, But What is the Source of Self-Confidence?

If you’re here, you have at least one question on your mind that you want the answer to. Is improving self-confidence possible, and if so, how?  If you want to get anywhere in life, doing all the things you want to do and seeing all the things you want to see, you can’t do it while missing one of the key elements which is self-confidence. One’s experiences influence one’s perception of the self. A child that has been

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10 Signs of Low Self-Confidence

When you experience the signs of low self-confidence, you are not fulfilling your true potential. Read on to become familiar with these signs. That is the first step to improving your self-confidence and enabling your personal growth. Have you ever wondered what self-confidence truly means? I am sure you have already heard various definitions because

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Beautiful winter inspiration

Here is a wonderful and inspiring video to remind us how beautiful winter is and how great things we can experience.