How do You Plan Your Life to Reach Your Goals?

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Plan life to reach goals. People have always had goals. Without them, life could become meaningless. Of course, not everyone plans their life to reach their goals. Some are more able than others.

How do those who achieve what they set out for themselves do it? What helps them?

I give you a few useful tips. If you adopt them, you will find that with time, more and more of your ideas will come to fruition.


Your compass


Reaching goals itself doesn’t take you closer to a happier life on a long-term.

You may reach many goals year on year and still experience merely a slight progress, while others perhaps set only a few goals and yet their growth appears to be faster.  And there are those who set specific and measurable goals and still experience that something is missing here and there.

Without a direction, a compass if you like, you still move forward, but your actions may not enable the achievement of your long-term goals. Planning your life to reach your goals is to find your own compass.
The ones who set a direction for themselves will proceed with their goal setting with greater ease and can better manage their resources, too. They can account for the steps they need to follow and can assess their skills accordingly.


Let me give you an example.
There is no point wanting to be the world’s best heart surgeon if you cannot even get into a medical school.

Draw your path from where you are to where you want to be. Look at what you need to improve and what you must work on, every step of the way.

Don’t get discouraged. Everyone starts somewhere. Perhaps, now, you are far from where you want to be, but remember, the quicker you set the direction and draw your path, the closer you get to your destination.


Set specific goals

To get to your destination, you must choose the path and pick the vehicle carefully.

Goals are the vehicles to take you closer to your dream. Interestingly, sometimes even we do not reach clarity about our goals, so how could we achieve them?


A vaguely defined goal might sound great, but it is challenging to achieve it. Just ask people around you about what they want to accomplish in life.
When we ask clients, we often hear they want to be rich, they want to enjoy more time with their families or want to travel around the world. These are all understandable and legitimate dreams. Dreams they are.  


Perhaps it’s not enough to want to be a millionaire or to want to live in a grand house. If you plan to live there and as a millionaire, define what a millionaire lifestyle means & what exactly you need to do to get there.
The more precisely you set a goal, the easier it will be to consider your strengths and the potential barriers, which will better position you to achieve the goal.


Do what is necessary

It’s not enough to come up with a “pretty” plan. On its own, it is only a plan. To make it a reality, find your own way of making it real and work for it. Jump straight into it. Start it today!

Do you remember the momentum conservation principle from school? When you think about moving objects, you can agree it is easier to keep an object in motion than to mobilise it when it is stationary. How does this relate to your efforts to achieve your goals?

As for awareness, the same rules apply. In other words, if you want to accomplish what you set out for yourself; the first step is always the hardest. After that, it becomes simpler since you are in motion or better to say you are on a roll. Work on your goals every day. 

Allow room for improvement

Perfection exists in a moment.

If you continuously strive for perfection, you easily find yourself in the procrastination trap because you will be afraid to make mistakes. Often, we do not act because we feel we are not good enough yet. However …

A mistake, however, is a friend because we can learn a lot from it. Every child learns to walk by falling over many times and standing up again and again. Look at a photo of yourself at that age. You were that child, too. Yes, I’m talking about you!


Finish it!

To cross the finish line, you must reach it, so you can cross it. Finish what you started.

How clear, right? Yet, we often forget to do so. Make a habit of finishing what you started. If you do not do so, the unfinished tasks (small and big ones) will sit on your heart as heavy stones, a distressing burden on you.

The opposite is also true. It feels great to finish a big task! The feeling of efficiency is coupled with relief, filling you up with confidence.


Plan each day

A quick plan drafted for the next day in the evening before saves you time and stress.

Just by doing that, you will sleep more peacefully. And the following day, you will have your guidance at hand to perform the tasks in the order of importance. Adopting this practice, coupled with a habit of planning life to reach your goals, will accelerate your growth.

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