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Before I worked with Ariana, I believed I knew what I wanted, but soon I had to realize I just floated, and most of my efforts were only to meet my boss’s satisfaction. Working with Ariana changed my perspective, and in just a matter of weeks, I could find a much better way of achieving my personal and professional goals.
Project Manager
Ariana helped me get through one of the most challenging periods of my life. The techniques she shared, the questions she asked have put me on the right track very quickly. As if she could look into my heart and see what I was really looking for.
Business Owner (Analytics Company)
My life was so turbulent when I met Ariana, so much stress pinned me down, and I didn’t see a way out. Just months before I had to take a break from my job, and I was afraid I had to do it again. Ariana, helped me look at the situation through a different lens. She helped me point out all the limiting habits. I am not saying I solved all my problems, but I manage my relationship and the stress much better.
HR Director
12 months, after I got promoted into a Lead role with the responsibility to oversee multiple improvement initiatives in my company, I was still excited and motivated. Still, due to changes in my organization, almost all stakeholders disappeared, and I hardly found common ground with the new ones. Ariana showed me how to look beyond the daily issues and to re-frame situations. I am now more confident and find ways to connect with new stakeholders.
Finance Manager