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Are Professional Women the Victims of our Society
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Are Professional Women the Victims of our Society?

Women of society are bringing glory to the nation. Still, it is striking to see how professional women have been marginalized in some vocations, ignoring the benefits of gender diversity. Do social roles determine who we are and what we can achieve in life? Could it be that external factors limit our ability to live

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Beat the 4 factors which make many professionals leave their jobs

If you are working in an office environment, you will most likely agree that building a career is not just about expertise in your professional field. Personal and social skills increasingly weigh in. We are working in teams and maintain sometimes virtual relationships with others across the pond. Additionally, various leadership styles influence the company

8 career paths for extroverts
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8 Careers at Which Extroverts Excel

When thinking about the career paths for extroverts, you must consider your academic qualifications, the compensation you are seeking, and the future job outlook for your chosen career. Most people forget your personality is always a consideration.  It is very important for you to consider whether you are an introvert or an extrovert when thinking

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This isn’t me, but what is me then?

3-min read Find the career right for you in 4 steps Would you believe if I told you that in the UK 47% of people considered a career change according to a survey involving 1000 people, conducted a couple of years ago by the London School of Business and Finance?  55% of the survey population

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11 Top Jobs for Introverts

What are the best jobs for introverts? The belief that you need to be an outgoing entrepreneur and good at public speaking to make it in the world of business is a thing of the past. This is not to imply that having such attributes will not get you places. The point is that it

methods successful women follow
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3 Methods successful women follow to keep their career on track

We bring many habits and beliefs from our childhood, but it would be a mistake to believe that only those beliefs influence us, even at later stages in our lives. There are good practices we can learn from successful women who already made it. Also worth to check these 9 Ways to improve your self-discipline.

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5 ways to get helpful feedback

2-min read Receiving helpful feedback is useful for career progression in a world where women are taking up challenging responsibilities in professional and regular jobs.  Getting valuable feedback can help to build your self− confidence in a demanding work environment. What does it take to be confident? Here are five ways to get helpful feedback