S1E8 – Influencer marketing mistakes

Join Ariana as she explores the differences between thought leader and influencer, and the benefits of becoming a thought leader. You can also learn about influencer marketing mistakes which may help you avoid them on your journey.

S1E6 – Delegation & Collaboration Breed Success

Have you ever felt like you are the only one that really cares and does all the hard work? Delegation and collaboration done right can lead to more productive and more effective teamwork where no one feels they are doing all the work – hop in and have a listen!

S1E4 – Why talented people don’t get ahead with their careers?

Reasons why talented people don’t get ahead with their careers

Lisa applied for an internal job at her company – having worked tirelessly, she thought she was the right person to get the promotion. Other people, including her boss, thought otherwise… Join Ariana as she explains what happened to Lisa and shares the roadblocks other people hit on their career paths. Learn through their mistakes and equip yourself with the 3 basic ingredients to get ahead with your career.

S1E3 – How to stay motivated during lockdown?

Lockdown has taken us on a hell of a ride – motivation or not…! (How to stay motivated during lockdown)

2020 is a year that may stick in our minds for a long time. This has been the year when the rhythm of our lives, personal and professional, is being put to the test by how well we can adapt to the situations brought on by the pandemic. In this podcast, Ariana talks about the ups and downs of the new working from home trend, and the fresh and exciting opportunities that it brought along. Come and listen to her as she provides some tips for keeping motivation going during these altered circumstances. 

S1E2 – How does Ariana set her goals

How Does Ariana Set Her Goals?

Dreams can be achieved. Some sooner, some later. You can accelerate reaching that longed for promotion, that next life chapter when you lay down some milestones for the journey. Where do you start and how do you do it? Formulating a vision and setting goals can help focus your mind and efforts – in this podcast, Ariana shares some tips on the topic through her own life experiences. Have a listen, it may just take you a step closer to making your dream come true!

S1E1 – What it is really like to start and run a business

In the ‘What it’s really like to start and run a business’ episode of the Honestly podcast series, Ariana talks about the milestones she hit on the journey of brining her third company, unleashr, to life. You’ll get a sneak peek into the basic idea behind establishing unleashr, through taking the business online to how she and her team are building a new and different brand. Come and have a listen, it might just inspire you!