S1E18 – To niche or not to niche? Marketing tactics of expertise businesses

Ariana today speaks about marketing tactics expertise-based businesses use to increase their visibility. This episode is the 2nd in the series of four episodes digging into How Thought Leadership Increases the Positive Impact of Marketing Efforts for Expertise Businesses, such as coaching, consulting, advisors, counselors, knowledge-based service providers, online educators. This episode will uncover mistakes many expertise-based business owners make in social media and while creating content. Ariana also answers the question of whether it is worth to niche at all. 

S1E17 – WHWE – Consulting, marketing, thought leadership

In this episode of the Honestly Series, Ariana talks about how thought leadership increases the positive impact of marketing efforts of expertise-based businesses. She gives an insight into how consulting and other expertise-based businesses, marketing, and thought leadership are interlaced and what influences these different elements are to practice on each other. 

S1E16 – How to Build a Successful Career

In today’s episode, Ariana answers questions related to choosing and building a career. Beyond usual answers, Ariana shares guidance that helped her clients in transforming their professional lives significantly within a shorter period. 

Ariana shares a concept you can use to decide what career path to follow and also explains how a choice of your career path can make you happier. 

S1E15 – Is everyday problem solving an entrepreneur mindset?

Business owners are no strangers to problem-solving. Some live as undercover firefighters, spending most of their time solving one tactical problem after another. Where does it lead? Burnout. When you do that, it is essentially a flag for your business.  

Today’s episode of the Honestly Series answers questions about creativity and problem-solving, highlights what behaviors help you better concentrate on what matters, be a better problem-solver while reducing stress factors in your life and provides pointers for creative problem-solving. Hear about the types of thinking you can use to be more effective in creative problem solving. 

S1E14 – Decision-making techniques

Decisions govern the flow of our life. We make decisions at every step of the way of our waking moments, from the minute we open our eyes till we fall asleep at night. As expertise business owners, we face different types of decisions day in, day out. But what kind of decision-making techniques do we use. Let’s see a few.

This episode covers a few frequently used decision-making techniques, such as collaborative decisions, including consensus, the command type of decisions, and the choices we make out of convenience.

S1E13 – Why do you feel like an outsider within your team?

Have you ever felt like you did not belong to a team? Feeling like an outsider is quite common and natural if it’s not a constant feeling that follows you around. If it is, and you feel like you cannot find your place, then listen to Ariana as she explores what you can do about it. 

S1E10 – Are you getting the recognition you deserve at work?

There is a higher focus on outputs and transactional activities in many multinational companies than on how to achieve such outcomes, including motivating team members. In this episode, Ariana talks about ways how you can prepare yourself to work with good results, even if you believe that you receive little or no recognition at work. She shares Sally’s story who got promoted and felt that she was not getting the recognition she deserved and how she overcame this.

S1E9 – How to express yourself without others taking offense

Have you ever said something that others took offense to? It’s easily done… In this episode Ariana explores the reasons why people may take offense. She then gives you some tips and tricks on how you can express yourself to help others understand you, rather than misunderstand you. Come and have a listen!