5 Tips to Help You Be More Successful

5 tips to be more successful

Hunger for success is natural and is in everyone. There isn’t a more uplifting feeling than when you accomplish your goals through hard work and discover your true self. Everyone wants to be more successful, but what is success? 

Although, success can be welldefined, based on the experience with our clients, it means something different to everyone. There are those who feel content in possession of lots of money. Those who own and run a business – which is what brings them joy. Some people are dedicated to personal and professional development and there are also those whose 1st priority is family – and others to whom itcaritative work 

All work for success, all in their own ways, some following their passion and others in need of a little uplifting now and then 

But what ways are there to be more successful? Here is 5 tips for you to help you be on the path of joy and success. 

Find out what success means to you. 

I am sure you heard that people who follow their passion are happier and more successful. In some sense it is true, even though passion is only one component to success. So, as a start,  find out what makes you feel happy. As soon as you have a goal, you can create the plans yourself – if you really want it.  

Then find what you like to spend time on doing and what you are good at. 

When you do something with all your heart and soul, you are moving huge energies and can achieve extraordinary things. This energy will automatically help you concentrate on creating experiences that move you forward and ease the progress to a great extent. Without a shadow of a doubt, you will be able to mobilise your energies and turn your ideas into actions. 

We all know though, that passion paired with excellence is what makes a difference, and to make an impact you need to have and utilise the right skills. 

When you are tuned into success and positive about the future, you rarely consider that success always comes at a priceExpect surprises and be open to make sacrifices. 

Depending on what success means to you and what you want to achieve or what your goals are, – you must expect to make sacrifices. We often say best things in life are free, but everything comes at a price.  If you want to spend more time with the family, you must make the time for it. If you want to progress your career, you must invest in yourself. Do you want to start a business? You need funds, new skills and time. Perhaps,  you need to save money for months or even years to start your business. 

With all the learning, the extra efforts and the work invested in, you might find that you have even less free time. The good news is that everything is temporary. I am sure you heard the phrase This too shall passOnce you reap the fruits of your labour, you will see the sacrifice was worth it. 

Surround yourself with people smarter than you.  

There are only few people in the world from who you couldn’t learn something good and new. On the way to success, you will come across and work with a lot of people. They all help you towards your goal in one way or another. Don’t be afraid to share, ask for help or cooperate. 

Never give up! 

One of the keys to success is that we do not surrender when faced with obstacles. It is one thing, of course, to know the way how to overcome the obstacles ahead, and another to implement the solution 
Many people become uncertain and hesitant when one small inconvenience arises and lose the strength to start over.  
Don’t be like themAdopt a problemsolving attitude and concentrate on finding solutions, not excuses. If you do so, not only your work will be fruitful, but others will also recognise and appreciate the resultsNot to mention the lessons that will enrich your life and the increase in your self-confidence 

You also need to understand that you are in the driving seat and hold the key to your life.  

Even if you believe there are magical influence, other people, fatal powers or coincidences which prevent you from achieving your goals, you will always have a choice and a solution, you just need to find it 

Many people don’t accomplish their goals because they are not willing to take the necessary steps, not because they are not capable enough.  
The accomplishment of your life goals may somewhat depend on luck and talent, or on your relationships, or other factors. But it definitely depends on how you handle the above-mentioned factors. 

Let the challenges be the reason why you can progress and succeed, when others may hide behind those as they fail. This is how simple it is to stand out and achieve all you want. 

Everyone wants to be more successful, but to reach success is also important to set achievable goals and learn how to track them

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Why Other People Are Successful When You Are Not?

why other people are successful


Have you ever asked yourself the question, why other people are successful when others not? Or even perhaps more talented, more diligent, or luckier? 

During your toddler years comparing yourself to others aids the selfdevelopment, helps shape the self-image and position yourself in the world that surrounds you. It is a natural process 

However, later these beliefs, mostly formed and shaped by lessons coming from the immediate environment, can easily turn into paralysing frustration. Influenced by such, sometimes distorted thoughts, the self-image gets damaged and you end up with low self esteem as an adult, and will underestimate yourself. 

How many times a week do you think your friend, colleague, or sibling is much better dressedor cooks betteror are kinder to people than you? How many times a week does the thought that you are not good enough cross your mind? 

Perhaps you see pictures of your friends on social media and you sadly find you can’t afford to do what they can do, or you don’t earn as much as they earn. You cannot leave the children with a parent or cannot afford a nanny, or you don’t have a partner to travel with.  
At times like these, you might think you don’t deserve as much as others. You may go as far as looking back to your life and think you have accomplished nothing. You are not good enough. It is hard to get out of this emotional state, but it is not impossible. 

It is essential to understand that comparing yourself with others does not push you forward and you gain nothing from it.  
In fact, every time you focus on someone else, you end up not paying attention to yourself. Thus you are moving away from finding a solution for yourselfEveryone’s life path is different. You are not a mind reader and cannot see or hear someone else’s feelingsTherefore, you don’t know what the other person’s life really looks like. You only see what others show you. 

On the other hand; wherever you go, you will always meet people who are more skilled at something, more successful, earn more with their job, have been living in a more fulfilling relationship for years, or have a bigger house than you. 

So, what can you do when such negative thoughts are circling in your mind? 

Accept that feeling down sometimes is natural 

First, do not beat yourself up about feeling the way you feel. It’s a natural human behaviour to feel down sometimes, we have all felt this way before. What’s important is that you do not let this feeling overwhelm you in the long-run.  

If you are unsatisfied with something in your life, be it internal, such as a thought or on emotion, or external such as your environmentyou can change it.It is entirely up to you when you begin the journey of change.  

Work on yourself! 

To be better than your colleagues or competitors, there is no need for a secret ”weapon’ whatsoever. Read a book about your professional field or on a subject you are interested in. Take part in seminars, workshops and courses. Attend a mentoring programme. Look for opportunities with which you can further develop your knowledge  

Build and maintain helpful relationships! 

The internet offers vast opportunities for building new relationships with absolute ease if you are not comfortable to go to networking events or conferences. Yet many people do not take advantage of it because of fear of rejection. Successful professionals do not keep aloof of new connections because they never know what possibilities a new connection can bring about.   

Of course, it matters what kind of social media platforms we use to find these connections. LinkedIn is excellent for making professional connections, as well as various forums and Facebook groups. In addition, the above-mentioned workshops or mentoring programmes are also brilliant networking opportunities. 


Step out of your comfort zone 

Progress always starts when you are out of your comfort zone, so it is important that you step out of it from time to time. Albeit, it is not easy. You may find yourself in a new situation in which your usual ways are not guaranteed to bring success, or even to work. But if you overcome your fears, you gain new experiences and will benefit from the experiences in the long run. By improving your self-knowledge and opening up to new experiences, you can build or rebuild your self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem.  

when you accept yourself, your faults, weaknesses and can recognise you are uniqueyou no longer feel the need to compare yourself to anyone else.  

Everyone is 
talented at something, and there are lovable qualities in everyone, that includes you! 

Here is a podcast about why people don’t reach their goals.

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3 Things Successful People Do Every Day

3 Things Successful People Do Every Day

3 Things Successful People Do Every Day

You must have thought about why certain people are more successful than others.

Often success is associated with achieving goals. People consider others successful when they achieve the goals they set for themselves in life and show progress. We also often believe people who we assume to be successful are happy, too. Success is often associated with happiness and money, and while most learn that money itself doesn’t bring happiness, it can definitely ease some of the challenges which help focus on self-development.

So, how can we define success?

Successful people seem content and can live in better harmony with their environment while they are moving forward with their goals.

It is worthwhile to learn and make use of some of their habits for our own success. 

Our clients, in the beginning, often believe success is about luck. In some instances, and up to a certain degree, such a belief proves to be correct. Luck can be a contributing factor; however, results more often than not come down to mindset, decisions, timing, professional and social skills and resilience.  All which you can learn. You make a difference in your mind first. This is the starting point. And probably the most challenging of all steps.

Let’s see what it is that successful people do!

They are optimistic

They always expect the best outcome and see the best in everything. It doesn’t mean they are naive. It means they want and work towards the best possible outcome in consideration of the circumstances. As a side note, I want to mention the happiest people are not those who get the best things in life. But rather those who make the best of every situation. As a matter of fact, I am not talking about people with money at all here regarding success.

Additionally, successful people are:

Willing to learn and adapt and humble about their progress.

They have a thirst for knowledge because knowledge is one of the greatest powers one can have in life. The more one masters a skill or a professional field, the more successful she becomes. Successful people work hard and smart and are tenacious.   

Last but not least, their third thing which characterises successful people is openness for constructive feedback and skill to differentiate between criticism and helpful feedback. Once they identify the constructive feedback, they change their way, they adapt to having a high sense of endurance for criticism.

They do not take criticism personally. Instead, they keep focusing on their goals. Failures and mistakes are inevitable; the question is how you react to it.

Success, therefore, is rarely down to luck and being born in a rich or successful family may give you a head start, but you have to be able to use that later in life. Look at the number of self-made success around you, and you will see, there is no better person than you to make you successful.

Dare follow your dreams, look for the best outcome and keep learning to Spend time focusing on your life and progress because that is when success comes to you!

Do you want to learn how to accelerate your development and progress in life? Check out the microlearning section on our site.

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Change habits, not your goals

change your habits not your goals article how you can change any habits

Do you know what characterises successful people?

Their habits… Yes, they have learnt to create good/positive habits which require discipline, perseverance and patience. But as the examples show, it pays off in the end.

If your life is happy, well balanced and in harmony, and if your mind is at peace, you are healthy,  feel good in your skin and your relationships are working well,  stop reading this because you are probably doing things well in life

However, if you are not satisfied with what you are experiencing in life right now or not going in the desired direction, you need to admit,   to carry on this way means the results will be the same. Thus, you will most likely not achieve the goal you have set yourself as planned. 

What I am saying is that it is so critical that you change your habits, the way how you have been doing things. As opposed to changing the goal.

We are all different when it comes to changing habits. Some people, more than others, find it easier to change how they approach life and change of behaviours. And, in fact, some habits are more difficult to change than others. Countless research studies have shown that in order to get used to a new habit (to integrate it into our life, to love it and miss if it were gone) approximately 18-254 days are needed. This may hold you back first, but remember, you form some habits to change your life and some for a lifetime.  

There are three phases  of creating a new habit:


Honeymoon period:

The period of the formulation of new habits. Here we have got the momentum, the zest and enthusiasm. And our plans seem easy and achievable.


Dull weekdays period:

Motivation may be lower at this point and we start finding excuses. The need to maintain a new habit can become a burden. The old habits suddenly seem easier and we are tempted to go back to our old ways. This is the most critical period in the creation of a new habit. It’s a good 8dea to have someone around to show support with overcoming the obstacles. If there isn’t anyone there to support you,  I suggest you keep telling yourself: I am strong, persistent, and I can do it!

Ask yourself: Why do I exactly want this new habit? How will my life be better with my new habit? What do I lose if I go back to the old ways?  Why do I struggle to maintain the new habit?

Find answers to these questions, improve your self-awareness and increase your resilience on the way.  It all helps you to overcome the difficulties of changing your habits and increases your inner strength.

Imagine what your life will be like in 5 years time. Take a look at what you can expect if you return to your old habits. Also, consider how much better it will be to hold on and keep your new habit. 

Happens like clockwork:

If you get past the previous phase, you get closer to your goal. The fills you up to new momentum fills you up with positive experiences and increased confidence and satisfaction.  Notice the improvement and use it to fuel your motivation.

I’m not going to lie to you, you must be committed to creating good habits and especially sticking to them, and even if you sometimes give up, it is worth to pick up the pieces and go from there again because it pays off in the end.

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How do You Plan Your Life to Reach Your Goals?

How do You Plan Your Life to Reach Your Goals?

Plan life to reach goals. People have always had goals. Without them, life could become meaningless. Of course, not everyone plans their life to reach their goals. Some are more able than others.

How do those who achieve what they set out for themselves do it? What helps them?

I give you a few useful tips. If you adopt them, you will find that with time, more and more of your ideas will come to fruition.


Your compass


Reaching goals itself doesn’t take you closer to a happier life on a long-term.

You may reach many goals year on year and still experience merely a slight progress, while others perhaps set only a few goals and yet their growth appears to be faster.  And there are those who set specific and measurable goals and still experience that something is missing here and there.

Without a direction, a compass if you like, you still move forward, but your actions may not enable the achievement of your long-term goals. Planning your life to reach your goals is to find your own compass.
The ones who set a direction for themselves will proceed with their goal setting with greater ease and can better manage their resources, too. They can account for the steps they need to follow and can assess their skills accordingly.


Let me give you an example.
There is no point wanting to be the world’s best heart surgeon if you cannot even get into a medical school.

Draw your path from where you are to where you want to be. Look at what you need to improve and what you must work on, every step of the way.

Don’t get discouraged. Everyone starts somewhere. Perhaps, now, you are far from where you want to be, but remember, the quicker you set the direction and draw your path, the closer you get to your destination.


Set specific goals

To get to your destination, you must choose the path and pick the vehicle carefully.

Goals are the vehicles to take you closer to your dream. Interestingly, sometimes even we do not reach clarity about our goals, so how could we achieve them?


A vaguely defined goal might sound great, but it is challenging to achieve it. Just ask people around you about what they want to accomplish in life.
When we ask clients, we often hear they want to be rich, they want to enjoy more time with their families or want to travel around the world. These are all understandable and legitimate dreams. Dreams they are.  


Perhaps it’s not enough to want to be a millionaire or to want to live in a grand house. If you plan to live there and as a millionaire, define what a millionaire lifestyle means & what exactly you need to do to get there.
The more precisely you set a goal, the easier it will be to consider your strengths and the potential barriers, which will better position you to achieve the goal.


Do what is necessary

It’s not enough to come up with a “pretty” plan. On its own, it is only a plan. To make it a reality, find your own way of making it real and work for it. Jump straight into it. Start it today!

Do you remember the momentum conservation principle from school? When you think about moving objects, you can agree it is easier to keep an object in motion than to mobilise it when it is stationary. How does this relate to your efforts to achieve your goals?

As for awareness, the same rules apply. In other words, if you want to accomplish what you set out for yourself; the first step is always the hardest. After that, it becomes simpler since you are in motion or better to say you are on a roll. Work on your goals every day. 

Allow room for improvement

Perfection exists in a moment.

If you continuously strive for perfection, you easily find yourself in the procrastination trap because you will be afraid to make mistakes. Often, we do not act because we feel we are not good enough yet. However …

A mistake, however, is a friend because we can learn a lot from it. Every child learns to walk by falling over many times and standing up again and again. Look at a photo of yourself at that age. You were that child, too. Yes, I’m talking about you!


Finish it!

To cross the finish line, you must reach it, so you can cross it. Finish what you started.

How clear, right? Yet, we often forget to do so. Make a habit of finishing what you started. If you do not do so, the unfinished tasks (small and big ones) will sit on your heart as heavy stones, a distressing burden on you.

The opposite is also true. It feels great to finish a big task! The feeling of efficiency is coupled with relief, filling you up with confidence.


Plan each day

A quick plan drafted for the next day in the evening before saves you time and stress.

Just by doing that, you will sleep more peacefully. And the following day, you will have your guidance at hand to perform the tasks in the order of importance. Adopting this practice, coupled with a habit of planning life to reach your goals, will accelerate your growth.

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How Do You Know Your Goal is Achievable?

Greatness is within reach - How Do You Know Your Goal is Achievable?


Even though we cannot predict with 100% certainty that a goal is achievable when we set it, we can make sure that greatness is within reach.  

It may all start with dreaming but dreams are not enough specific to act on them. Besides, you need to know what to focus on and build a series of milestones aiding you in achieving your dream. So you don’t get lost on the path to success. 


Dream in 4K 

You dream of being brilliant, rich, to travel around the world or to enjoy living on an island without having to worry about money.  However, you can rarely make it happen without knowing it with extreme clarity. 

If you want to be rich, you need to know how rich you want to be.  
I know who wouldn’t want to be filthy rich? 😀

But how much money makes you filthy rich?  Is it ten million or one hundred million or a billion 

If it is ten million, how long does it take you to save that much or earn that much with your current job or business? If you see no chance to earn that ten million with your current work, what will you do instead?  Questions questions crying for answers. 


You want to be way smarter so you can progress with your career faster or make your business a success in no time.  
What steps you need to take to be considered for a new job that pays more?  How far is your business from being a success and how success looks like for your business?  Even more questions.  

To dream in 4K means that you describe what you want your life look to like in high detail. As if it was a 4K TV screen showing all the exciting colours, shades and shapes. 


Set a goal that is specific enough 

When you finished the dreaming and have your vision, you need to translate your vision and turn it into action. An action is something you dotherefore you need to be very specific about it.  


Let’s see an example: 

Your dream is to live a healthy life so you feel good and look good. Sounds great. Still you don’t know what it really means until you define those actions that take you there.  

Take me. I am a workaholic and unless I drag myself outside; sit in front of my computer day after day. Do I want to live a healthy life? For sure.Try to convince myself that buying a standing desk for my laptop and stand next to my desk is a step forward. Is it? Sure it is. Is it enough? Sure it isn’t. 

So my goal is to spend at least 15 minutes outside every day. Don’t laugh. We all started somewhere. Next goal is to work out at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. 

Sounds great, although I only took care of my body.  

So, is there a better way to go around this? Sure, there is. 


Put things into context and focus 

Before you break down your dream into goals or even milestones, you need to understand the whole context, so you can define your focus areas. Focusing on everything at the same time will scatter your attention and quickly exhaust your resources. And some actions you take might impact multiple goals. So why not benefit from it? 


Let’s get back to my example about a healthier life as a workaholic. The key question is: ’What makes me healthy and what is not working now? 

What I know…  

  • spend too much time in my office; 
  • I am not really active;  
  • There are multiple stress factors in my life, and 
  • my head is always spinning because of my businessso rarely switch off. 

With this short analysis, I touched on the body, the mind and the soul. I put my dream of a healthier life into context and put myself on track to define the focus areas leading to the milestones. 


So, I envisage how success will look like for me. 

am going to be successful when I spend at least 25% more time with exercise and at least 10% more time outside.  I know I am on the right path, when I spend at least 15 minutes with mindfulness every day and spend at least 10% more time with my friends. 

As I am clear on the focus areas, I can start working out the milestones because I definitely won’t be able to work out 30 minutes three times a day in the beginning and I won’t drag myself outside every single day, even if it is just for fifteen minutesr. I need to build it up, so it becomes realistic and therefore manageable. Now I can set specific goals and will see how many goals I need at the end. 


The Theory of Relativity applied for goals 

It is a stretch; I know. Stay with me though. Have you heard about the new trend? Waking up early makes you more productive and staying up late makes you smarter? 

We often believe something will work for us because it worked for someone else already. And sometimes, it will. We might believe we are not doing the right thing because others appear to have a good habit we don’t have. Follow with caution. 

A few years ago, I attended a full day event with a speaker straightforward shaming one of the event participants because she said she usually woke up at 7:00 am on weekdays. According to the speaker for an aspiring business owner it was far too late to wake up at 7 am. 

I would advise caution. Big time.   
We all live our life differently and follow a different schedule. People have various priorities, obligations and tolerance for various things.  

You know best what is working for you. It is great to learn and adopt new techniques and you will become more successful if you can embed what you learnt into your life. 

You can learn how to track your goals so you will stay on the path because greatness is within reach.

Why Setting a Goal is Important?

why setting a goal is important


Why setting a goal is important when we could live our lives without them? Do we not hear it every day that spontaneous things our dull weekdays more enjoyable? 

Do these thoughts come into your mind when I ask you about your future plans? I am not trying to say there is something particularly wrong with this way of thinking. Especially in during periods of your life. Although we might say that one living a life with this mindset, can easily get lost along the way and have difficulty finding the right path over the course of their life. 

Without goals, we don’t know what we want out of life, what we want to accomplish, or how we want to live. We just drift.  

If we have no goalsthere are many unnecessary long and winding paths we have to take. This makes life more difficult, more tiring; and may bring more pain. We might feel frustrated or depressed or overwhelmed with life even without knowing what our real problems are. 

Instead, if we figure out what we want to accomplish in life, what kind of job or profession we aim for, or where and how we want to live, what kind of partner or how big of a family we want, the realisation charges our batteries. We can focus on improving our life even more instead of running around chasing what we believe is happiness. 

We have known this for long and studies show that our whole life is impacted by habits learnt from our parents and family. Successful people adopt various habits that help them be more successfulYou can also learn the habits that enable high performance, and if you constantly determine your goals, plan your daily activities and maintain endurance, after a while you’ll feel as if it was already in your blood. 

Do you want to become more successful?  

If so, do not hesitate. Make short and long-term plans consciously! 

With clear concise goals in your mind, and perhaps even on paper, you will know what is worth to make time for, and what is simply a waste of time. This essentially creates a structure in your life. You will be able to focus and prioritise your life and spend less time daydreaming or procrastinating. 

Goals can also motivate you to work on your future right now. Because it is never too late to get going if you know where you want to go. 

Working towards our goals purposefully and with commitment shows that we are in control of our lives, we are the writers of our story. We also feel productive and successful at the same time, which in turn increases our confidence. 

It is easier to see whether you follow the path that enables you to achieve your dream. If you take time to consider your life when you set goals. Goal setting also gives guidance on to the steps you need to follow 
Additionally, goals will lead you to where you aspire to be and help you determine what is you really want to achieve. 


dream written down with date becomes a goal. goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.  plan backed by action makes your dreams. (Greg Reid)