How to keep a supportive friendship alive

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Are you tired of your old pal ignoring you when you need her most? Do you feel that your friendship is failing because your buddy is not helpful to you? Do you want to know how you can keep a supportive friendship alive?

Let’s be honest; it is quite saddening to have a friendship that’s on the rocks.

It could be that your pal has made some new friends or going through a rough patch in his or her life. Nonetheless, the essence of being friends is for you to be able to help each other. You need someone who is supportive, non-judgmental, engaging and able to help you feel at ease.

That said, if things aren’t all rosy with your friend, – you can check 5 Signs that reveal your friend is not helping your progress -, there are some strategies you can use to help him or her to be more helpful. Read on to learn how to keep a supportive friendship.

Spruce up your usual conversation

Perhaps your friend is ignoring you because the relationship has become a little mundane. So, shake things up when it comes to conversation. Look for interesting and fresh topics to bring up in discussion with your friend. If you always talk about video games, for instance, maybe it’s high-time to switch onto career, relationships and whatnot. It also pays to keep a little mystery in your topics. That would most certainly keep your friend engrossed in the conversation. This way, you can enhance your pal’s listening tendencies towards you so that the next time you bring up a problem, it will not fall on a deaf ear.

Simply help her or him out when in need

Most vibrant friendships are all about tit-for-tat. If your pal isn’t listening to your issues or not helping out much, maybe it’s because you are not helpful yourself. Supportive friendship is a two way street. Create a sense of family or community with your friend. Being able to assist your pal forges a relationship based on the feeling of giving and taking, not just taking all the time.

Be supportive and always make him or she feel at ease.

If your friend is looking for a job, for example, try putting a good word to your boss or colleagues. It’s only this way which you will take your relationship to a whole new and exciting level.

Make a habit of surprising your friend

It might seem old school, but it always works like a charm. Surprise your pal once in awhile with anything – from a lunch date, pair of tickets to a gift and everything in between. Well, you have to go small, lest it feels that you are buying his or her affection. Regardless of the gift, make a clear-cut point that your friend is unique and special to you.

Get Together Often

It’s no secret the key to every relationship and supporting friendship is bonding. Your friend, for one, might not feel obliged to be supportive if you seem like a stranger to him or her. So, spend more time together – perhaps go out more. Teenagers can stand to benefit from sleepovers and do homework together.

These are just but a few ways to help your friend become more helpful and develop a supportive friendship. The bottom line, however, is to make space in your schedule, encourage listening, and help each other out often. This way, you can cultivate a healthy, give-and-take relationship.

Here you find more benefits of having a supportive relationship with others.

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