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Honestly about what it’s really like to start and run a business

Honestly about what it’s really like to start and run a business In this podcast, Ariana talks through her real-life experience of how to start and run a business. She shares the milestones she hit on the journey of bringing her third company, unleashr, to life. You’ll get a sneak peek into the basic idea

today is my birthday
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Today is my Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I thought the best way to celebrate it is to share, to give. So, today, I would like to talk about time, our beliefs about time, and how we can change those beliefs. Time as we know it is indefinite, and it is also precious because, for the human existence

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5 Things that Keep Me Going Every Day

2-min read In my line of work, I often meet people who believe that success and happiness are gifts of angels softly landing on their shoulders if they pray for it, or that others are born with it.  But results are coming from a conscious and long-standing effort. You desire it, you plan for it,

How do women do business
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How Do Women Do Business?

2-min read Today I can proudly say, that damn right I put more emotion and passion in business. Just differently. Business, small business and large multinational businesses are built on passion; the passion of the founder and the passion and dedication of the people in that business. How else would you deliver something better every

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Multi tasking and the reality

1-min read How multitasking is an option for an entrepreneur? Is it an option at all? How effective is multitasking? As we are progressing with the development of our products, the realisation of the sheer volume of the work is striking. I want to make it work, so what are my choices? Multi-tasking would be

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I may be possessed

1-min read Today, I woke up with many new ideas on my mind. Have just opened my eyes and instantly reached out for my phone to quickly make notes of all those brilliant  ideas. I love ideas, I love the feeling how they appear, seemingly out of nowhere. It is astonishing how they conquer the mind

chasing grapes
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Chasing grapes

1-min read Building and developing a company sounds fabulous and trendy, isn’t it?  I hear stories of people being successful entrepreneurs every day. My Facebook feed is full of success stories. It may seem like they have become successful in a day or two. Maybe not. At least, the successful business owners I know have