Our promise without the fluff

Every day, we enable you to make an impact on the world around you on your terms, so you get access to key sources of happiness. 
We do that by showing you how to

  • find your authentic self, so your unique style helps increase your abundance
  • fire up your creative and creating energies, so the value of your products and services become undeniable
  • be confident and compromise less, so you pursue your purpose and goals with more satisfaction
  • embrace both your feminine and masculine qualities, so you activate yourself as and how it is needed
  • connect with your intuition, so you equally benefit from your logical thinking and soul’s wisdom
  • balance out the ups and downs of life, so you increase stability, wealth and wellbeing
  • tame your fears and insecurities, so you widen your choices
  • repeat success and joy, so your grass looks greener
  • experience the power of an energising and inspiring environment, so you can see how others can value you & your accomplishments
  • love yourself, so you build more meaningful relationships, and inspire yourself & others
  • increase your individual change capability, so you can stand tall or stand back up after a difficult period in your life
  • increase your capacity to grow and expand, so at some point you let go of our hand 

Whether you are an expertise-based business owner, an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, a professional in a corporate environment or in between, in this innovative & unique transformation consultancy, we are here to provide you with guidance and tools to establish and increase your authority, crystallize your personal style, and increase the brand value of your business.

Our aim is to ingrain success encouraging attributes so deeply that they become a part of your everyday life. That it becomes your natural instinct when you make business or professional decisions, and this way you will truly transform your life and maintain better results.

People who help you create your magic


the founder's Personal Message

I founded unleashr to provide women and men with advice, techniques, and tools, so they rediscover and live their inner truth. 

Living in harmony with your authentic nature is key to increase the capacity to achieve greater happiness. Rediscovering your true inner self paired with the right techniques and tools is at the core of repeating success.

And, no matter how fantastic tools or methods or processes you try to follow, if there is a dissonance between your self and the chosen ways, you will face setbacks time and time again.

Life shapes us beyond who we are. This natural learning process is there to help us grow and expand. Professional life, the social environment pose expectations which we decide to meet up to a certain degree.

The larger gap we create between our authentic self and the expected identity, the greater the effort we must make to meet expectations again and again. With time, that results in frustration, disappointment, losing inspiration, reduced creativity, and the energy to create anything at all. It essentially leads to a passive, unhappy, and uninspired life with reduced self-esteem.

Therefore, it matters how you grow and how much you allow your soul to flourish. 

The unleashr team works to enable more and more people to increase their own personal power to create the life they desire. The knowledge and support we give contribute to people transforming their professional & private lives; to rising from their ashes.

I truly believe in human potential and that there is no impossible. We can achieve anything with the right mindset, tools, and invested time & effort.

With the help of dedicated people around me, I have been building a different kind of consultancy and a highly effective self-growth framework.
In the center of this is you increasing your ability to connect with your intuition, creativity, potential, and authentic self.

The support we provide amalgamates social sciences, behavioral change, and mindfulness practices.
Our mission is to help authentic self-expression to become a standard way of interaction, increasing emotional intelligence within and across communities this way. And, emotional intelligence connects people regardless of their origin, gender or beliefs. 

I know our clients can achieve what they set out for themselves even if they don’t believe it in the beginning. 
The unleashr team works every day to develop practical tools and easy to follow methods, so our clients experience that shifting mindset and changing how they live can be as easy as if it happened magically.

Yet they will know they created their own magic … with a little help.”

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sandra_about us page


Product Consultant

Sandra works on developing products following a defined process that generates transformational, coherent and engaging programs for our clients. She mainly works with Ariana to ensure that the outcome is highly efficient in transferring the knowledge.

Sandra has experience in the career consultancy sector. She worked with senior executives, preparing pieces of research on market intelligence and organising networking events for them. She gained an insight into the challenges that our clients may face when transitioning to a new sector and/or starting their own business. Additionally, she was involved in business administration, marketing and website creation.

With her little girl and dear husband, she enjoys visiting the seaside. Sandra also relishes going for a relaxing walk in the woods or doing a spot of gardening. She also likes to spend her free time with experimenting with recipes from all over the world and finding out about the tips and tricks of gluten free baking.